Paeroa Baptist

Christine is a gifted speaker, a deep thinker, and a faithful listener to God's Spirit. She is deeply committed to the Body of Christ reaching out to, including and caring for those are left invisible by sickness, disability and isolation. These people are deeply loved by Jesus, and Christine seeks to show this love through connection, practical works and through teaching & encouraging the wider body to remember those on the margins.


Bryce Millar - Senior Pastor

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Pakuranga Baptist

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Christine came to speak with our youth community on 'The Truth About Porn'. She was quick to break the ice and get the youth engaged in her presentation. No topic was off limits but she was sensitive to the spirit of the group and potential triggers for individuals. Christine's study and stories showed us the harmful effects of pornography on the brain, relationships, communities and marriages, yet invited those affected into the potential for healing and hope. She knows how to connect well with this generation and speaks with wisdom into confused and hurting hearts. She makes a compelling case to those who need to close the browser or turn off the TV, doing so with warmth and humour. I recommend Christine to youth ministries wishing to broach this tricky topic with truth and grace.
​Gareth Davies - Youth Pastor